Manager: MA. Nguyen Thien Thang
Deputy Manager 1: DR. Nguyen Cong Long
Deputy Manager 2: MA. Tien Tu Anh
Phone: (064) 3826644


 The Training Department  has the tasks of advising, summing up training information and giving helpful suggestions that help the rector organize and implement management training, namely:

  • Planning teaching and learning schedule, organizing yearly school activities, setting up personnel for a school year.
  • Supervising, guiding, managing and testing the implementation, objectives, programs, plans, training methods, refresher courses.
  • Guiding and monitoring the curriculum and materials of the professional faculties.
  • Regulating lesson plans and learning between the professional faculties.
  • Organizing the examinations of all modules, all semesters, graduation, summing up marks and the results of the school year.
  • Carrying the enrollment and management of allocated types of degrees and diplomas.
  • Carrying out quality tests and testing work.
  • Managing its own officials and workers.
  • Managing and using the school website.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the rector.