In many faculties of the College, the Economics Management Faculty is a good choice that young people love. Founded in August, 2008, though it is very young it possesses a young professional team with the enthusiasm and bright outlook; besides, it is offered great interest and help from school leaders the faculty will achieve accomplishments in teaching and learning one day in order to contribute to brand Ba Ria - Vung Tau Teachers’ College to a new level.

The faculty is responsible for training collegiate and intermediate students in some majors: Accounting, Business Administration, Office Management, Library - Information, Finance and Banking.



The faculty has eight permanent lecturers including 2 Masters of Business Administration, 1 Business Administration Postgraduate, 1 Office Administration Postgraduate, 4 Bachelor of  Accounting, Business and Library Administration. Most of the members are young Communist Party members.


* Number of students

Since the first days,  the faculty only trained three majors. However, till the present time  it has advanced to multi-disciplinary training to meet the needs of society, the number of students and the quality of education continues to grow up. This is shown through each course with the growth of the number of students as follow:

·        Course 11 (2007 - 2010) 77 students

·        Course 12 (2008 - 2011) 129 students

·        Course 13 (2009 - 2012) with 81 college students, 15 intermediate-level library Administration students

·        Course 14 (2010 - 2013) 137 collegiate students, 43 intermediate-level accounting students and an evening class with 20 intermediate accounting students.

 With the great care and help from school leaders, many professional majors have been opened to meet the aspirations of many students involved in science education in the management sector, this proves the quality of teaching and learning of the Faculty of Economics - Management continues to grow.


 * Good news

The first course of the school year 2010 included 77 students who graduated from of the faculty have found jobs in reputable agencies, departments, companies, firms in the province and in the country with a stable income that insures their lives. For example, the library class had 21 graduates who have been completely employed by the provincial library, districts, schools in Ba Ria - Vung Tau. The Business Administration Class had many students who have been employees by marketing prestigious corporations such as Viettel, Mobifone, DIC, .... The alumni and present students are really contributing to brand the name “The Economics - Management Faculty”.

To overcome the limitations due to young age, the faculty has improved training programs and teaching methods applied for the most active subjects in order to improve the quality of the training.

Many students’ activities held by the School, the Communist Youth Union and the Students’ Association, the leaders of the faculty always show interest in them in order to encourage the students to participate well, for examples: camping, quiz game, karaoke, "boys and cuisine" ... the faculty always encourage students to create useful playground to inspire the learning movement.

With a teaching staff possessing qualified professionals, the faculty always has a high opinion of what is actually taught to students will help them integrate immediately into their jobs right after graduation in order to bypass the period of further practice.

For four consecutive years (2008 - 2011) the faculty has been awarded certificates of merit by the school and got the title the excellent labor team.  The officials, lectures and workers of the faculty have been awarded  tittles: school emulation fighter, school advanced laborers. This has shown that the care of the school about the faculty is great.

Our slogans are: "on-job training", "virtue trained – talent drilled – status and career set up” all faculty members and all students of the Economics - Management Faculty will strive hard to become one of the leading faculties in the school, we are going up, integrating with society development, contributing to raise the reputation of  Ba Ria Vung Tau Teachers’ College, to make it worth  a leading flag in the education field of the province.