Manager: MA. Nguyen Xuan Dung (part-time)
Deputy Manager: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Tinh
Phone: (064) 3825275


 The Administrative Department is responsible for advising, summing up administrative information, offering suggestions that help the rector organize and manage the work of administration - supplying administrative and teachers and workers’ living standard information,  namely:

  • Receiving, distributing, monitoring and sending the paperwork in timely way and quickly, storing documents.
  • Keeping the school seal; issuing and certifying certificates, documents such as letters of introduction, order sheets, etc.
  • Holding and implementing the school social affairs with local area where the schools are situated on such as receiving people, attending meetings, taking part in elections, carrying on labor obligations and helping people.
  • Cooperating with other departments to organize the festivities, holidays, saluting the national flag, meetings.
  • Carrying out the printing, typing documents, keeping a permanent telephone communication, guarding, doing hygiene services, receiving guests; communicating, timing signal; supervising and speeding up the implementation of carrying on working time seriously.
  • Developing weekly, monthly agenda and urging the implementation and organizing the coordination of activities among the faculties and the departments.
  • Reviewing the situation in the work and making periodic reports, monthly reports and unusual synthetic plan weekly, monthly and other statistics at the request of superiors.
  • Summing up school emulation movement partially and totally.
  • Planning and conducting procurement of properties that are cheap and perishable every year.
  • Organizing the protection of public order and security; household registrating, tracking temporary absence or temporary residence.
  • Organizing the plan to prevent and fight fire, natural disasters.
  • Managing and regulating the operation of the halls, meeting rooms, classrooms and guesthouse.
  • Being on duty and making reports of the school meetings.
  • Scheduling the school vehicles and transportation plan as directed by the rector.
  • Managing, repairing, renovating and constructing the school’s real estate.
  • Directing the school medical room.
  • Directing its own officials and workers.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the rector.