Manager (Chief Accountant): Ms Dao Thi Tuyet Minh
Phone: (064) 3736537


 The Planning - Finance Dep. is responsible for advising, summing up financial data, offering suggestions that help the rector organize and manage the work of financial plans, namely:

  • Planning budget, estimates, allocation of funds to ensure the requirements for teaching, learning, research and scientific activities of the school.
  • Management of financial and accounting activities under the current regulations.
  • Mobilizing all revenue.
  • Coordinating with the The Organization & Student Work Dep. to establish social insurance records and to pay insurance for all school.
  • Participating in asset management inventory and asset depreciation as prescribed.
  • Building investment, construction plans and the procurement of property and equipment.
  • Directing its own officials and workers.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the rector.