On February 15, the Croix Rouge, Brest delegation, France paid a visit to our College of Education. The delegation including 4 professors and 23 students is led by Professor Jezequel Fabienen.

      Receiving the delegation is the Secretary of the Party and Rector – Dr. Ho Canh Hanh, the Vice Rectors and leaders of departments.

      The two institutions informed each other about the situation of the school, the training and learning program, the opportunities for cooperation and exchange of students, trainees as well as scientific research, etc.

      Students of the two schools together engaged in a cultural exchange with musical performance and an introduction about each other’s outstanding activities.

      The delegation from Croix Rouge, Brest, France did go around the campus seeing the facilities and educational equipment of the school as well as the school traditional room.

      The visit between the two schools took place in a joyful and friendly atmosphere.

      Below are some pictures of the cultural exchange.

The Secretary of the Party and  Rector – Dr. Ho Canh Hanh
presenting souvenirs to Professor Jezequel Fabienen and the delegation form Croix Rouge, Brest, France

The dance performed by students of Baria-Vungtau College of Education

Students of Croix Rouge, Brest, France in a musical performance (a song)

Students of the two institutions in a Vietnamese folk dance called “Trống cơm”

The delegation from Croix Rouge, Brest, France and the school leaders and teachers